{interlude} Time to post

At tonight’s dinner party for family, an interesting conversation broke out (as one often does) – this time, one the subject of this blog. My mother, sitting across from me, commented that she wanted the cookbooks that were used in the generation of the meal, and I explained that one recipe was a mish-mash mod that I will be posting (next post I PROMISE) and the other did come 100% from a cookbook. I then commented a bit about how infrequently I’ve been posting lately. It is, after all, fairly hard to post frequently about all the lovely recipes I’m creating when much of our routine is built on…well, routine, and that means that we tend to cycle through a number of the same recipes every month because that’s what keeps our schedule from flying completely off the rails.

My sweet BIL then commented about how that’s actually fine. That’s my M.O., basically. My sister then chided me to remain true to my brand (tee hee), and thus that means dealing with the balancing act that my life is so much of the time. Really, creating new recipes daily just isn’t for me; I simply don’t have the time. I whined a bit about how I wish I could post as frequently as some of my other friends, and then I was swiftly reminded by dh that most of the frequent posters I know are people either A) work from home/stay at home, B) have no children, or C) both. Good point. Working outside of the home and having a husband who does the same, plus having two kids, it’s sometimes a wonder that I get out of the house with underwear on and my teeth brushed. (Trust me, on the days when you can’t have it all, best to go with the underwear; mints cover many evils.)

And thus we have this reminder: I may not post a ton, but I’ll post when I have something to say. Hopefully you’ll find it worth reading. If I ranted every time I got ticked off at the rampant attacks on women, I’d be posting every five minutes. If I posted only every time I create or discover a new recipe, IT MAY BE A WHILE. Thus, balance. You get some rant, you get some recipe. Sometimes, you get some parenting stuff as I discover things like how incredibly frakking smart dd is (she read everyone’s fortunes to them after our Chinese dinner the other night…which would be unremarkable if she weren’t still < 5-1/2 and waiting to enter Kindergarten). I will also note that I don’t post recipes that fall flat. If I don’t think I’d want to eat it again and/or if it needs significant adjustment, it won’t get posted until said adjustment(s) have been made. No point in posting something that’s only half-baked (no pun intended); when I fish around for recipes online, I’m assuming that they don’t suck. I just try to return the favor by posting recipes that I think absolutely are worth having again and again.

So, there you have it. And, as for the dinner party that we had tonight…there WILL be a recipe posted soon for the main dish: a crock pot Carolina-style BBQ pulled chicken. I can truly vouch for that recipe NOT SUCKING. And that’s what makes for a post, at least for me.

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