I’m a wife to one, mother to two (a daughter and a son), and a full-time employee of someone else. Like many other wives/moms/working parents/human beings, I try to find a balance between space for myself and taking care of others, getting dinner on the table on time, and all that good stuff. I live in New England, although I’m a native of the Mid-Atlantic. When I’m working, I’m often trying to bend various office applications to my will. When I’m not working, I’m either running errands, doing chores or having fun with my various interests (like Doctor Who, pretty much anything Marvel, alt-rock, and reading everything that comes within a 5-foot radius).

My yin-yang avatar is a constant reminder to me of the balance in life. I know that may sound hokey, but I’ve lived through enough ups-and-downs in my four decades that even the things that were bad had some silver lining (and not all things that were rosy turned out to smell completely of roses).

This blog is not about selling stuff, although I’ll offer the occasional giveaway if I can share stuff…because free stuff is cool. And I will review some things, if asked NICELY and it’s related to what I like to talk about. I don’t shill for anybody (sorry), so if I talk up something I love, rest assured that I’m doing it because I want to and I will disclose any and all things received in order to bring that post to fruition (e.g. free product to review). If I choose to accept any kind of underwriting for a post, it will only be for a product or service that’s of genuine interest to me. Period. All the writing is MY OWN content and I’d appreciate it staying that way. There may be a point at which I’d accept a guest poster, but that would be a friend, not an ad copywriter.

This is my safe space that I created for my musings about things of interest to me, whether that’s one of my alma maters, a movie I happened to catch, why Rose is NEVER COMING BACK to Doctor Who, or OMG-THAT-VEGGIE-IS-SO-COOL-I-WAS-JUST-HYPNOTIZED-BY-IT. Yeah, that could happen. But Rose isn’t coming back to Doctor Who. So seriously, fandom, MOVE ON.

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