Adventures in CSA (week 2): Surprised yet again!

OK, seriously, I wasn’t expecting to see savings 2 weeks in a row. Really. But, there it is:

Week 2 CSA


Grocery Store Unit Price
(per lb)

Grocery Store Total Item Cost
Red Potatoes 1.97 $1.29 $2.54
Butternut Squash 3.73 $0.99 $3.69
Yellow Onions 1.20 $1.49 $1.78
Macintosh Apples 0.64 $1.59 $1.02
Asian Pears* 4.00 $2.00 $8.00
Beets* 1.00 $1.99 $1.99
Scallions* 1.00 $0.99 $0.99
Garlic** 1.04 $2.99 $3.11
Kale 0.95 $1.29 $1.22
Romaine Lettuce 1.07 $1.49 $1.59
Grocery Store Total Cost $25.93
Week 2 Savings (Deficit) $5.93
Program-to-Date Savings (Deficit) $10.28
* Items are priced by the unit or bunch; I checked for rough equivalency (and they were close enough).
** Garlic from CSA was on the stem and thus might have weighed slightly less from the store. Difference would’ve been negligible.

So, now the question is: how long will this be sustained? Of course, this is an odd smattering of things – I’ve never even HAD Asian Pears before, and I’ve never been a fan of beets. Still, it’s interesting to see how it’s going so far and I’m curious as to how it’ll continue over the remaining 6 weeks of the program. The kale chips still need to be made, and I have some ideas of what I’m going to do with the beets (they’re destined for the crock pot tomorrow, along with one of the onions & some beef). I’ll post the recipe if it’s edible, including suggested mods if it’s promising but not *quite* all there yet.

One thought on “Adventures in CSA (week 2): Surprised yet again!

  1. Asian pears are delicious — like a cross between apples and pears. And I have to tell you, every year Drumlin gives us a financial comparison of what we paid for our winter share vs. what we’d have paid in local groceries, and we *always* come out ahead.

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