The Ballad of Santa Porkchop

Santa Porkchop


My weekend was hopping,
As I went out shopping,
In Target
As I often do.

When from afar I spied,
And then closely eyed,
The pig to which I fast flew.

Adorned with a cap,
And Four’s scarf
This cute chap
Stole my heart right away.

To the register I fled,
With my pig, ready to pay.

On our lawn he’s been placed,
And the lights are all spaced,
He adorns the lawn quite nicely.

I shared the photo online
Of this dear sweet pig of mine,
Then heard strange comments precisely.

“A religious statement?” They said.
And I just shook my head.
He’s a pig. A cute pig. Nothing more.

In a town of orthodoxy,
I guess it’s some moxie,
To not have my house look a bore.

You see, my kids they get both:
Christmas, Hanukkah
And I’m loath
To box us in with religion.

He’s a pig! A cute pig!
And I don’t give a fig…
It’s decoration, not nuclear fission.

So I hope people see
The pig’s just cute to me,
And I love him so immensely.

And before you suspect
Your religion I’ve wrecked,
Just consider he’s CUTE. INTENSELY.