Long story short

Yes, this post breaks all the “bloggy” rules. No images. No fantastic headline. Not posted as part of a schedule. And somehow…I’m not getting struck by lightning.

The reason for so much radio silence lately is that things have just been overwhelming. I’m just now back from a hastily-scheduled two-day trip to DC to help my parents out when overlapping medical appointments (including an emergency oral surgery) made things really difficult for them. I’ve now been to DC twice this month, once for my father’s heart surgery and now for this trip, and I’ll be there in two weeks for a work trip. JetBlue kinda loves me right about now.

I got promoted at work – and then spent the first two days in my new role working remotely from 500mi south. Thankfully I have the best boss ever, and I have coworkers who are very tolerant of teleworking.

I’m helping organize a massive event for my employer, and that’s taking up many of my brain cycles – not even including those that are occupied by a very high-profile project that has become even more involved than I’d ever imagined.

And then there was the start of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade for the kiddos. Never, ever assume that the start of a new school year won’t come with its own challenges, including kids that won’t sleep well and fights over what’s for lunch.

But the marathon walk for The Jimmy Fund was awesome, and between me and dh we managed to raise $2,000 for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. So there’s that. I’d say that we’re both over the moon about that, but it would be an understatement.

On the other hand, I’ve started getting hot flashes, so I guess this means perimenopause for me! Yeay? I thought everything started breaking when I turned 41, but I didn’t realize HOW RIGHT I was.

And with all that quickly and quietly off my chest, not even baring half of what’s on my mind, I’m going to bed. Sorry if this isn’t all that exciting, but when your life seems to be spinning like one of those dreamworld tokens in the movie “Inception”, it’s pretty hard to figure out how to explain it all in the span of one blog post – or explain it without collateral damage of spilling things that people may not want in public.

So off to bed I go. Nighty night.

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