I’m a XX and I vote

I was originally thinking of titling this “I have a uterus, and I vote”, but I thought of friends who’ve had hysterectomies and decided against it. Even “I have breasts, and I vote” seems off kilter when you think of people you know who had mastectomies. And thus, I’ll just go with the XX chromosomal model and beg deference from my trans friends – if YOU know you’re a woman, I’m cool with that. Just go with it, please…

So, here’s where I want to point out that democratic math in the U.S. is completely effed up. I know I’ve probably mentioned that parental math has a law that states that 1 kid + 1 kid > 2 kids, so there’s precedent. But still, seeing 52 < 47 makes me want to throw up. Between the failure of the Paycheck Fairness Act and the various newly created laws that restrict access to abortion and/or that require women to undergo ultrasounds prior to abortions, I wonder if there’s some notion that women just don’t vote?

According to the Roper Center, approximately 53% of those voting in the 2008 election were women. (I cross-referenced this against the U.S. Census, which said that it was more like 52% – all close enough for me, given the incredibly large sample sizes). So, what’s up with all of the people who vote against women on issues of things like fair pay? Even if you set aside the incredibly emotionally charged issues around abortion/choice/life, can’t we all agree that men and women who do the same job should be paid on the same scale and measured by the same yardstick?

If not, why not?

My breasts don’t make me any less able to calculate sums, do complex formulas in Excel, or compose an elegant PowerPoint.

My uterus doesn’t inhibit my ability to speak publicly on a variety of topics, nor does it keep me from providing consultative support to my co-workers who come to me for my (amazingly unaffected by estrogen) subject-matter expertise.

I don’t need special women-only water to power me through my day, with GIRL-VITAMINS that keep my body moving even as I suffer from the rather common affliction known as “lack of a penis”.

I’m confused.

So, let me just say this to the Ritchie Riches who are running for office in 2012: I am a XX and I vote. I vote in MY best interests. That means I want to see fair wages for women, because I AM one, and because my daughter will grow up to become one, and no one should pay me or her lower amounts just because we suffer from penile-deficiency-syndrome. Lacking a penis isn’t a disability for me, thanks.

I vote for things that I believe in, like a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, making sure that everybody in the country has access to affordable care (not just those who can afford care, which ISN’T the same thing), and making marriage rights available to all American citizens, not just those who pair up Adam-and-Eve style. Adam-and-Steve is cool, too, as is Madam-and-Eve. Love is love, y’all.

That’s not to say that I won’t vote based on other issues, like economy, defense, and who’s the lesser evil. It just means that I’m not going to vote for someone who’s proven that they either aren’t in my corner or they support those who aren’t in my corner.

So, I’d like to publicly shame Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Susan Collins (R-ME), Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Olympia Snowe (R-ME). Clearly, you don’t deserve to be paid as much as your male colleagues, in your minds. Thanks for looking out for your fellow gals. For the three of you who aren’t retiring this fall (Ayotte, Collins & Murkowski), I hope your XX constituents remember your voting record the next time they go to the ballot box and see your name.

And for the rest of the Republican slugs who voted sheer party line to defeat this legislature, I hope they all get tossed out. Don’t they have mothers? Wives? Daughters? Friends who are female that aren’t impressionable interns or mistresses?

It all makes me shake my head. In the 21st century, that we can still fight over whether or not one gender is entitled to the same pay for the same work as that of another gender…clearly history is being written by people with some very big balls. And, being seriously tired of bigots and bullies, I can only hope that the 2012 election is one massive kick in their nuts.

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